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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

ကမာၻေပၚတြင္ အၾကီးဆံုးႏွင့္ အလွဆံုး ကၽြန္း ၁၀ ကၽြန္း.....

10). Ellesmere Island:

Ellesmere Island 10 Largest Islands In The World

This is the tenth ranking island in the country of Canada which is a part of Qikiqtaaluk region of the Nunavut. It is considered as the part of the islands of Queen Elizabeth Islands. The land areas of Ellesmere islands are covered with glaciers and ice. The total population of residents living on the land part was recorded in 2006 which was only 146. The other water area occupied the most of the part of this island. It has an area of 196,236 kilometer square and 75,767 square miles.

09). Great Britain:

Great Britain 10 Largest Islands In The World
It is located on the North-West side of continental Europe in United Kingdom. Great Britain Island ranks at number nine among the largest islands and among the other islands of UK. This island is also surrounded by other small islands over 1,000 in number. This is also the third most populated islands in the world. It covers an area of 209,331 kilometer squares and 80,823 square miles.

08). Victoria Island:

Victoria Island 10 Largest Islands In The World
This island is located in Canada bordering between Nunavut and North-West territories of Canada. It is slightly larger island than the island of Great Britain. It is also Canada’s second largest island. Victoria Island also belongs to North-West territories of Inuvik region and the other part belongs to the Nunavut’s region. It covers an area of 217,291 kilometer square and 83,897 square miles.

07). Honshu:

honshu island 10 Largest Islands In The World
This island is situated in Japan and in fact, it is the largest and main island of Japan. It is located at Hokkaido across the Tsugaru Strait from the South side, Shikoku across the island sea from the North side and Kyushu across the Kanmon Strait on the North-East side. It is also the World’s second most populous island with a population of 103 million residents recorded recently in 2005. It has 5,450 kilometers and 3,386 miles of coastline. It covers an area of 225,800 kilometer square and 87,182 square miles.

06). Sumatra:

Sumatra Island 10 Largest Islands In The World
It is located in Indonesia on the Western side. It is the second largest island of Indonesia ranking on sixth number among the world’s largest islands. The longest area of the island is from North-West to South-east side of the equator. The island spans 435 kilometers 270 and 270 miles at its widest point. It covers an area of 443,066 kilometer squares and 171,069 square miles.

05). Baffin Island:

Baffin Island 10 Largest Islands In The World
It is Canada’s largest island in the territory of Nunavut. It is on the East side of Baffin Bay beyond the Greenland Island. There are two largest lakes in Baffin Island which are between South-Central portions of it. The central part of this island is Barnes Ice Cap. It is also the part of Qikiqtaaluk region like Ellesmere Island. It covers an area of 507,451 kilometer squares and 195,928 square miles.

04). Madagascar:

Madagascar Island 10 Largest Islands In The World
This island is located in the Republic of Madagascar located on the Indian Ocean facing off the South-Eastern coast of Africa. It has several other island including Nosy Be and Nosy Boraha which are the largest of the other several islands on the island of Madagascar. This country is the World’s 46th ranking largest country and fourth ranking largest island of the World. It comprises of an area of 587,713 kilometer squares and 226,917 square miles.

03). Borneo:

borneo island 10 Largest Islands In The World
The third ranking island of the World’s largest island is Borneo. This is another largest island of Indonesia but larger than the island of Sumatra. It is situated at the North of Australia. It is divided between the kingdoms of three countries. Indonesian territory owns 73% of this island, 26% of the island is possessed by the Malaysian kingdom in the North side and 1% of the island is owned by the Brunei kingdom in the North coast. It covers an area of 748,168 kilometer squares and 288,869 square miles.

02). New Guinea:

New Guinea Island 10 Largest Islands In The World
It is the World’s second largest island again in the premises of Indonesia situated in the South-West side of Pacific Ocean. This island is politically divided equally between the North and South coasts. It is situated in the North continental of Sahul. Mountains ranging from Central East to the Central West side dominate the geography of this island. The Western half of this island is almost covered by the mountains 16,024 feet high. The island covers the total area of 785,753 kilometer squares and 303,381 square miles.

01). Greenland:

greenland island 10 Largest Islands In The World
It is the top highest island among the World’s top ten largest islands. This island has been named as ‘Greenland’ having a perception meaning ‘The land of Greenlander’ in the kingdom of Denmark. It is located between the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. This island covers most of the land area of the country. This is the only island which is the largest of all and is not continental. With an estimated population of 56,452 recorded in 2010, this island’s country is a least densely populated country and covers an area of 2,130,800 kilometer squares and 822,706 square miles.


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