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Friday, 16 December 2011

ကမာၻအထူးဆန္းဆံုး လက္ထက္ပြဲမ်ား....

10. On Top of the Plane
10. On Top of the Plane e1320408619363 Top 10 Weirdest Wedding Venues

A couple in Wales has decided to exchange their “I do” while standing on top of the plane. They have decided to do it after they won the competition to wing walk.

9. Firing Range
9. Firing Range e1320408667329 Top 10 Weirdest Wedding Venues

Instead of solemnizing it in the traditional way, the couple wearing a formal gown and tuxedo were armed with rifles while releasing bullets that signified that “yes”, they were submitting themselves to be for each other until death do they part.

8. Horse Racing Venue
8. Horse Racing Venue e1320408713831 Top 10 Weirdest Wedding Venues

The Sandown Park is the strangest and weirdest option for couples who would like to tie a knot on the racing venue itself. This is actually open for a wedding package and location. In fact, they are offering two room packages such as the Director Box and Andros Suite.

7. Zero Gravity
7. Zero Gravity e1320408754921 Top 10 Weirdest Wedding Venues

A couple held a Zero Gravity wedding in 2009 and they were known as space enthusiasts having the ceremony done in a Boeing 727-200 aircraft wherein most of their attendees were wearing jumpsuits while the bride was wearing planet-shaped earrings with the groom comfortably wearing cuff links that are shaped like a spacecraft.

6. Jungle Surrounded by Animals
6. Jungle Surrounded by Animals e1320408793644 Top 10 Weirdest Wedding Venues

If you want to feel like Tarzan who resides in a jungle, based from a fictional story, well, you could find zoos around your area and you get married there. The best example of which is the London Zoo, and your witnesses will be the animals that inhabit this jungle.

5. Live Crucifixion Simulation of Marriage Vows
5. Live Crucifixion Simulation of Marriage Vows e1320408836851 Top 10 Weirdest Wedding Venues

It is another idea that you can get instead of expressing your sincerity in graven or wood-carved image of Jesus Christ. Why not do it by a fake simulation that you are signifying your marriage vows before the crucified person who acts as the Savior.

4. Phone Booth
4. Phone Booth e1320408889247 Top 10 Weirdest Wedding Venues

A couple from Norway has done this and they did say yes to each other through a text message in front of the phone booth. This is the casual and contemporary venue that you can reciprocate your sincerity towards each other.

3. Creepy Funeral
3. Creepy Funeral e1320408960961 Top 10 Weirdest Wedding Venues

It might be unique but it is the scariest thing that a couple from the United States has done. Yes, they were unique in all aspect that their guests could have had stupor of thoughts of witnessing them saying their “yes” while inside the coffin. Indeed, it is a “till death do us part vow” because they have started it with “the funeral concept”. Creepy indeed.

2. Underwater
2. Underwater e1320408999759 Top 10 Weirdest Wedding Venues

The first underwater wedding ceremony took place in 1904 and there have been huge followers of this drama. There are various ways that most of the couples across the globe have done just to make their wedding location unique where some have worn scuba diving suites or even wearing formal wedding attires but saying their “yes” to each other under the water.

1. Haunted house
1. Hunted house e1320409039123 Top 10 Weirdest Wedding Venues

You might have thought the funeral theme is the scariest. How much more if you would hold your wedding at night and in the abandoned haunted house. Some of the couples who have done this theme were Douglas Edward Kuhns and Angela Marie Pitt in 1973 in Elysburg, and Tina Milhoane and Robert Seifer III in Ohio.


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