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Friday, 16 December 2011

ကမာၻေပၚတြင္ အဆိုးဝါးဆံုး virus ေရာဂါဆိုးမ်ား...

10. The HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)
10. The HPV Human Papilloma Virus e1318355871428 Top 10 Viral Diseases in the World

It is being transferred via sexual contact through anal, oral, and vaginal. This is the primary reason for the development of cancer in the uterus where in fact, 25 million of women were contracted of this disease. Although, there is a vaccine that was develop to fight these deadly effects, which might also end to genital warts and even throat cancers.

9. AIDS e1318355970829 Top 10 Viral Diseases in the World

The detection of the symptoms that you are carrying the human deficiency virus or better known as HIV may come at the latter part or earlier if you are cautious about your health. It spreads through blood, vaginal fluids, and semen. If not careful, blood transfusion may also be the root cause of which, especially if the person who serves as a blood donor is not related to you, which may carry the said virus unknowingly. Hence, it is scary because there are about 46-60 million who were contracted by this disease and about 3.3 million dies with this condition yearly. Unsafe or unprotected sex is still the main cause why it is happening in some countries. Proper education would help people to promote it and avoid it.

8. Pneumonia
8. Pneumonia e1318356021322 Top 10 Viral Diseases in the World

There are various symptoms before it develops to pneumonia, which may not be identified early on like fever, cough, muscle pain, loss of appetite, sweating, headaches, and thoracic pain. If this has been detected and diagnosed early on, it can be cured within two weeks time, especially if the state is not that severe. The lesser level of it before it can be declared as pneumonia is bronchitis or acute bronchitis. Nonetheless, the mortality rate of this viral disease is higher than AIDS, which is about 3.5 million annually.

7. Smallpox
7. Smallpox e1318356088409 Top 10 Viral Diseases in the World

This disease was discovered in 1518 when outbreaks stroke the Haiti Island. In fact, the figures of death that year were higher compared to living persons found. Although a vaccination was formulated and created by Edward Jenner to serve as antidote to this disease, there are still 300 to 500 million being killed by this deadly sickness.

6. Rabies
6. Rabies e1318356179423 Top 10 Viral Diseases in the World

People may not consider it as virus but is indeed viral because of the process of transmission through a bite, which usually happens from dogs to humans. The common effects that an individual might feel are breathing difficulties, delirium, fits, and spasms. When the person is a victim of a bite from any animal, it is advised to rush the individual to the nearby hospital to receive the required vaccination to hinder the spreading out of virus to the whole body of the patient. Quarantine is also advised.

5. Yellow Fever
5. Yellow Fever e1318356237174 Top 10 Viral Diseases in the World

Aedes Mosquito is the cause of yellow fever when an individual is stung by this insect. The incubation would take between 3 to 10 days. Some of the effects in the body of the patients are fever, kidney failure, weakening of the liver, and jaundice. Vaccination is the best solution of it along with the required bed rest to get back the energy that was lost.

4. Poliomyelitis
4. Poliomyelitis e1318356307874 Top 10 Viral Diseases in the World

From the root word polio, it is also known as infantile paralysis that could be transferred from person to person but basically through a fecal-oral route. It normally affects kids, which can be transmitted through water and food. It is caused by the virus called poliovirus.

3. Chicken Pox
3. Chicken Pox e1318356369534 Top 10 Viral Diseases in the World

It is contagious because of the varicella zoster virus, which primarily starts on the skin, which can be transmitted through air that causes fever, runny nose, and reddening face that should be treated with proper rest, liquids, and food.

2. Measles
2. Measles e1318356415807 Top 10 Viral Diseases in the World

The cause of this disease is the virus called paramyxovirus that comes from the genus morbillivirus. It can be recognized through red spots or common rashes on the skin that affects the respiratory system.

1. Flu
1. Flu e1318356482516 Top 10 Viral Diseases in the World

This is the most common viral disease, which develops quickly, and at times, it can be severed, especially if it has been ignored and treated as ordinary disease. Of course, this is normally transmitted through the air, which may cause symptoms such as headaches, fever, loss of appetite and cough. The kind of flu varies and the effects as well, which must be checked on and observed thoroughly.


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