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Friday, 16 December 2011

အေကာင္းဆံုး iphone 4 cover ႏွင့္ case ေလးမ်ား...

10. Trident Kraken case

Trident Kraken 10 Best iPhone 4 Covers And Cases – 2011

Trident Kraken is a tough iPhone case and is not only used for the iPhone but also for others such as Droid X,iPad,Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Fascinate etc. it was designed with a purpose of protection for the mobile devices and has got a rugged surface. It has got several designs and escalates the functionality of the today’s mobile devices.

9. Trident Cyclops

Trident Cyclops 10 Best iPhone 4 Covers And Cases – 2011
Consider it a sibling of the Trident Kraken. For those of you who don’t want to go for a great deal of protection as offered by Trident Kraken, then Cyclops is the best option for them. As compared to Kraken, it is slimmer and is available in different colors in market. It is quite durable case also.

8. Sena Hampton Flip

Sena Hampton Flip 10 Best iPhone 4 Covers And Cases – 2011
Now,Hampton Flip has got style as well as complete protection for your mobile device. It is made in leather which gives it a nicer and more decent look. On the other hand, the flip over cover of this case protects your mobile device screen completely from any physical damage. Leather case is always my personal favorite,be it leather wallets or cases.

 10 Best iPhone 4 Covers And Cases – 2011

7. Seido iPhone 4 Rugged Combo

Seido Rugged 10 Best iPhone 4 Covers And Cases – 2011
This case provides you with something extra and that it has a three-layered case,hoslter and a screen protector. it is referred to as a ‘convertible case’ because of the fact that you can just simply strip down the upper most layer(Innocase Surface case) to get down to the inner layers and give it a thinner look. You might not want to lose the functionality of your iPhone ports too early, so for that purpose Siedo protects all the ports with flaps for you.

6. Otterbox Defender

Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 case 10 Best iPhone 4 Covers And Cases – 2011
Defender series for iPhone4,made by one of the most successful iPhone accessory companies Otterbox, offers a much sleeker design and pertinent screen protection for your mobile device. If you want to get maximum screen protection, make the screen face the holster and you are done with it.

5. Ivy Skin Quattro 4

Ivy Skin Quattro 10 Best iPhone 4 Covers And Cases – 2011
Apart from the common fact about his Ivy case that it is available in myriad colors in the market, the best part about this one is it offers a protective “Touch-Thru” real glass covering for your mobile device. So this feature of Ivy place it above the salt as compared to the others.

4. iSkin Revo 4

iSkin Revo4 10 Best iPhone 4 Covers And Cases – 2011
It also comes in multiple colors and has got a removable plastic cover for your phone that attaches to the back of the mobile device. It can be removed whenever you wish to.

3. Cygnett Workmate

Cygnett iPhone 4 10 Best iPhone 4 Covers And Cases – 2011
It is a case made out of rubber and possesses ‘double-strength’ in connection to resisting and absorbing high shock conditions and general rough use. All of you who are most of the times out of homes and keep yourselves busy in various sporting activities, Workmate is your savior.

2. Case-mate Tough Case

Casemate 10 Best iPhone 4 Covers And Cases – 2011
Although this case does not fall into the category of those cases which offers maximum protection against physical damages but it,at the same time, does not add any unnecessary bulk to your mobile device. It is available in different colors.

1. Ballistic HC

Ballistic HC 10 Best iPhone 4 Covers And Cases – 2011
It is HULK for the mobile devices as it has got 4-layers of protection to offer you. The layers are soft and hard one. Both the screen and ports are equally protected and it is best suited for those who are working in rough and rugged ambience.


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