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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

အမ်ိဳးသမီးမ်ားတြင္ အထင္ရွားဆံုး ဆံပင္ ပံုစံ ၁၀ မ်ိဳး...

Hair Style # 10: Short Wavy Cut
109 e1312819518393 Top 10 Favorite Hair Styles of Women
The Short Wavy Cut is the top 10 favorite hairstyle of women. Though compared to other hair styles, there are only few who have this one. This is because this cut is preferred for women who have small shaped faces, which can be quite an uncommon sight. Many women have this certain hairstyle mostly when attending parties and celebrations, which gives that sophisticated and glamorous look.

Hair Style # 9: Short Curls
098 e1312819551250 Top 10 Favorite Hair Styles of Women
Eva Longoria is just one of the many celebrities who have tried short curls. As you can see, curls are cute and adorable. This hair style is great for dates with your boyfriends and also night outs with your girls. The hair style is best for medium to small shaped faces, and can be flexible for those who have challenges fixing their hair.

Hair Style # 8: Short Straight Hair with Bangs
089 e1312819585828 Top 10 Favorite Hair Styles of Women
Women who have short straight hair with bangs look cute and charming. This is why not only kids have this style but also teenagers and adults too. Add to that the fact that Short hair is best for summer and hot seasons. Many women just fancy having short hair because it is not hard to maintain and it also brings a cooler feeling. One of the famous celebrities who have this cute hair style is Mandy Moore. The hair style is best for small shaped faces.

Hair Style # 7: Long Straight Cut
079 e1312819625283 Top 10 Favorite Hair Styles of Women
Long straight hair is just the envy of women. It gives pride and confidence when we have these long straight silk like hair. Many women who have straight hair grow their hair longer because they know it catches attention not only from girls but also from boys.

Hair Style # 6: Long Straight Hair with Bangs
069 e1312819652425 Top 10 Favorite Hair Styles of Women
But there are people who find long straight hair boring and lifeless. So many women put more style and bounce to it by cutting of some bangs. Many women celebrities have this hairstyle that’s why many women today acquire the hairstyle too. Few of these famous celebrities are Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, and Avril Lavigne.

Hair Style # 5: Long Wavy Style
059 e1312819699752 Top 10 Favorite Hair Styles of Women
One of the hair styles that mostly women have is the long wavy hair. For those women who do not prefer and like curly hair, they will choose to have wavy long hair style so that their hair will still have bounce and volume. This is so that they will not look bland and dull. Few celebrities who have had this hair style are Ashley Tisdale and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The style is also known to women because it is best for weddings wherein women do not want their hair up. The hair style also gives sexier look for the brides too. One good thing about the hair style is that looks good even with larger shaped faces.

Hair Style # 4: Shoulder Length Straight Hair
049 e1312819755273 Top 10 Favorite Hair Styles of Women
This hairstyle is 4th of the top ten. This is because most typical women love it. They like this hair style because it is not limited to a certain shape of the face. Almost all women who have different face shapes look good on this hair style.

Hair Style # 3: Pixie Cut
039 e1312819789746 Top 10 Favorite Hair Styles of Women
Great for summer and small shaped faces, the Boy cut hairstyle has nine stars for the top ten favorites of women. Only women who are daring and have enough confidence acquire this hairstyle because others cannot dare chop off their crowns for style. Emma Watson and Victoria Beckham are just few of the famous celebrities who have dared acquire this hairstyle.

Hair Style # 2: Curly Long Hair
029 e1312819837126 Top 10 Favorite Hair Styles of Women
The number two favorite hairstyle of women is the curly long hairstyle. You can see for yourself that a lot of women today have this hairstyle. Many gentlemen prefer long hair styles for women. This is because for them, women look more adorable and attractive with long hair. For men, women with curly long hair even look sexier and more seductive. Few of the many celebrities who have tried and have loved the style are Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus, and Beyonce Knowles.

Hair Style # 1: Bob Cut
019 e1312819890255 Top 10 Favorite Hair Styles of Women
The first hairstyle on the list is the Bob cut. The design of the style is short with the tip in front longer than the back. The design of the style is loved by many because it allows you to have a free and cooler feeling. The style is also the favorite of many because it shapes the faces of the women who acquire the cut. Many celebrities even have the cut and few of these celebrities are Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Paris Hilton and Drew Barrymore.
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