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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

2011 တြင္ ေနာက္ဆံုးေပၚ နည္းပညာမ်ားျဖင့္ တီထြင္ျပဳလုပ္ထားေသာ ပစၥည္း ၁၀ မ်ိဳး...

10. Olopede Educational Electronic Kits
107 e1312815246714 Top 10 Latest Discoveries in 2011
Electronic learning is a trend online, and there is nothing more productive than to send kids the programs that could help them jumpstart the programming skills they may have. Four basic kits are primarily in the market for anyone to use.

9.  The Medical Mirror
096 e1312815275270 Top 10 Latest Discoveries in 2011
There is nothing way too technical about this discovery, but it certainly is one of the most talked about in the market. It comes with the distinction of telling the person viewing himself in the mirror can check his heart rate. Usually, this is captured with the use of a camera behind the glass that reads the facial algorithms to calculate the pulses of the heart.

8. Synthetic Cells
087 e1312815307121 Top 10 Latest Discoveries in 2011
Science is progressing, and one proof of that is the first ever synthetically produce DNA Cells. While there is still a debate to the usefulness and the effects of these cells to the environment, it is still one top discovery whose true potentials can only be achieved in the future.

7. Body Wave Scanner
077 e1312815352381 Top 10 Latest Discoveries in 2011
It is quite a feat to concentrate on certain tasks, and it would even be a greater one to shift it back to the high performance levels it once had. The Body Wave Scanner ensures to give you back the focus and concentration you may have lost. By understanding the physiological signals, it filters out bioelectricity signals of the heart and controls the overall stress factor.

6. Virtual Therapy
067 e1312815402612 Top 10 Latest Discoveries in 2011
At home pleasures are now the trends nowadays, and it spans form working at home down to the online shopping systems, you get the best convenience from the most traditional elements. Thus, virtual therapy is only one of those that will come to give you the best advantage and stress free elements.

5. The Martin Jetpack
057 e1312815450228 Top 10 Latest Discoveries in 2011
Flying men, who would not want to be one? Created by Glenn Martin, this contraption aims to achieve that long dream of traveling with the use of jetpacks. With a speed of 60 miles per hour and with the high altitudes of 8,000 feet, you could fly around for as much as 30 minutes will a full fuel tank. Leisure seems to be the primary use of the device for now, but, in time, it can be commercially produced as a faster and better way to travel.

4.  Google TV
047 e1312815498962 Top 10 Latest Discoveries in 2011
Again, the market of this Internet Company has expanded its wings beyond the frontier of the World Wide Web. Considering it entry to the Smartphone market with the use of the Android platforms, it aims to come with the next basic advancements in the TV Industry. Apps will certainly be a part of this new product and it will give TV viewers the new pleasures on TV viewing pleasures.

3. Glasses Free 3DTV
037 e1312815545983 Top 10 Latest Discoveries in 2011
Viewing pleasure is defined by the high quality images seen on the TV screen, and the 3D technology is one of the best experiences in the market. Home entertainment centers never used to have the glass free systems, or for that matter, it never had 3D integration. New versions from some of the top producers of these TV models will introduce better and larger screens the next following months.

2. Straddling Bus of China
027 e1312815587393 Top 10 Latest Discoveries in 2011
If you want technology that helps mankind then it would be the use of this 18 feet tall and 25 feet wide bus that will answer the populations’ burden of heavy traffic on the streets. Designed to be a public bus, it can carry around 1,200 passengers. Plus, it is being powered by solar power through the roofs of the bus. Practically, you are hitting two birds with one stone, you use natural power, and you get to save traffic on the streets.

1. Google Prius
017 e1312815631366 Top 10 Latest Discoveries in 2011
Who would have ever thought that an Internet company such as Google could involve itself to teaming up with one of the largest car manufacturers in the world? The Toyota Google Priuses are considered to be the prime of the crop, and it offers the most unique feature of a driverless car. By using the most advanced artificial intelligence software, it is able to work out the best imitations of what a typical driver will do. More than seven of these cars have already been tested, and are used by the employees of the company.
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