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Friday, 16 December 2011

ဆြဲေဆာင္မႈ အရွိဆံုး အမ်ိဳးသမီးမ်ား အတြက္ ဆံပင္ အေကာက္ပံုစံေလးမ်ား

10. Loose Pin Up

 Top 10 Best Curly Hairstyles

Whether you have curly hairs with long or short length, this hair style goes for all lengths. It gives extra volume to your hairs. Just style it in your way and apply hairspray, seriously you’ll look amazing!

9. French Tail or French Twist

french twist Top 10 Best Curly Hairstyles
No matter if you have curly or straight hairs, this twist looks amazing on everybody! They give you a classic and professional look. Whether it is worn loosely or tightly it gives every strand of curl to adjust according to your face.

8. Bangs

bangs Top 10 Best Curly Hairstyles
Bangs are one of the best hairstyles that one can have,  If you have curly hairs then cut them when they’re dry because if you cut them while they are wet, they will be shorten after a while. You can straighten them when you want or else they look perfect even when they are curly.

7. Front strand braid or twists

twists Top 10 Best Curly Hairstyles
Front strand braid have been in among the straight hairs but now if you use twists in your curly hairs you’ll look classic. Especially while you are at work and you don’t want your hairs on your face, then just simply give them a twist and it will not only get hair out of your face plus it will also give you a polished look.

6. Hair Bands and other accessories

hair bands and accessories Top 10 Best Curly Hairstyles
You can use all types of hair accessories on your curly hairs like the hair bands, bobby pins and hats etc. because while you are using them your hair volume still remains same and it enhances the fun part of you. It is not time taking you can dress up in just a couple of minutes.

5. Half Up, half down

half up Top 10 Best Curly Hairstyles
If you have hairs with medium length or long you can tie half of them up, even by using hair pins or catchers. It gives you a sophisticated and polished look. Even if you have bangs you can straighten the bangs first and then tie half of your up.

4. All Down

all down Top 10 Best Curly Hairstyles
Give your hairs the wet look by using hair gel or mousse, because it neutralizes the hair volume and looks totally striking. You can use the natural ways to give them a natural look. If you want to pull back your hairs a little bit you do that, or you can puff your hairs up too.

3. Ponytails and High Bun

curly ponytails Top 10 Best Curly Hairstyles
You can make a perfect ponytail or a high bun in just a few minutes with your curly hairs because they give you the exact professional look and they are easy to recreate and if you have a tight schedule ahead, you can totally use this hairstyle.

2. Cornrows

cornrow Top 10 Best Curly Hairstyles
Braids are the perfect hairstyle that keeps curly locks in places. They are stylish and easy going. Even if you have long hairs then these are totally perfect. Even if you braid your hairs loosely or tightly they always look awesome.

1. Curly Bob look and Wild curls

wild curls Top 10 Best Curly Hairstyles
If you have shorter hairs you can totally show off your curls, you even can have the curled bangs and your hair looks more stylish and healthier. Each strand of your hair will be full of style. But also keep in mind your face cut and your hair types because they matter. Plus if you have long hairs you can go for the wild curls as they totally look sexy!


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